4 Tips For Selecting Wedding Vendors

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Your wedding day is approaching and I’m pretty sure that you are spending a lot of time online searching for wedding vendors. Before you continue your search, you should read these 4 tips that I have put together to ease the stress of your wedding planing. Photo by Rob Futrell Set a budget This should […]

Things You Can Do To Help Cut Down On Your Wedding Cost

Congratulations!!! Your wedding day is approaching and plans are in top gear. We all know that the world is going through an unprecedented time and we need to be mindful of expenses like never before. Getting married is indeed important and it can be done with minimal expenses. Because we love you so much at […]

Bridal Hair Accessories: The Complete Guide to Making The Right Pick

Today we would be sharing a complete guide on how to select the right bridal hair accessories for your wedding day. Using the right bridal hair accessories will make you the spot light on your wedding day . Your hair is an important of your body and it should be well taken care of even […]

COVID-19: Your Questions Answered

One of the greatest effects of the widespread of the Corona Virus is the cancellation of social gatherings and events. In some countries, gatherings of more than 50 are not allowed while others have totally shut down all forms of activities/gatherings.  As a potential bride, you are probably thinking of cancelling your wedding (perhaps you […]

Engagement Party Ideas: The Ultimate Checklist To Getting Started

If you are on this page right now then the first thing I will say is Congratulations!!! It means that either you or a loved one is engaged. Now it happens that before the wedding there are so many activities that have been put in place to either honor the bride or the groom. But […]

Top 7 Souvenir Ideas For Weddings in Nigeria

When planning a Nigerian wedding it is important to make provisions for souvenirs because this always  makes the memory of your wedding fresh in the minds of your guests. Most of your guests who have spent money buying your wedding materials (aso-ebi) will not be expecting to leave your wedding empty handed, this is the […]

Wedding Decor checklist:The Beginners guide for the Perfect wedding (2020)

Planning any event can be really tough  but planning a wedding is a totally different ball game , taking into consideration that wedding events are the mothers of all events. This is the perfect reason why you need a wedding decor checklist. Now when planning the type of decoration you would need for your wedding […]

After Marriage proposal: 10 Actionable Things To Do

Marriage proposal is a  quite short but eventful moment in the lives of couples.  This is because the man will have to go through the whole ordeal of researching on that precious stone which he feels his bride to be might be interested in, to meeting her father and asking for her hand in marriage […]

Top 7 Dress Styles for Chief Bridesmaid in Nigeria

The closer a wedding approaches some tough decisions have to be made by the bride, these decisions don’t have anything to do with wedding dresses, cooking, arrangements and all but its the decision of selecting the people that makes up the bridesmaid list. The set of persons that make up the bridesmaid list is chosen […]

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