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How To Avoid Pre-Wedding Jitters Before Your Wedding Day.

Pre-wedding jitters are normal part of getting married but you don’t have to let them get the best of you. Pre-wedding jitters refer to a feeling of being nervous before your wedding. It might begin days, weeks, or months before your wedding day.

Almost everyone in the world goes through some form of anxiety or stress before their wedding day. This is usually down to wedding planning. You might be worried that something specific will go wrong, such as your decorations not arriving on time, stumbling over your words during the ceremony etc.

However, it’s important to know the difference between normal wedding anxiety, and cold feet. Pre-wedding jitters are nerves surrounding the wedding, not the marriage.

5 Ways To Calm Pre-Wedding Jitters Before The Big Day

  1. Take Time Off from Wedding Planning: Focusing too much on anything can stress anyone. Now imagine spending every moment thinking about, talking or organizing your wedding day. You’re bound to start having pre-wedding jitters because of it. Make sure you take time off every single day from thinking about your wedding at all. Use the time do something relaxing, such as working on a hobby. Also take at least one full day off of wedding planning per week.

2. Focus on the Future: it’s really important to stay focused on what matters i.e. You and your Partner. The only important thing that matters is that you’ll soon be married to the love of your life. Although it may not feel like it, your wedding really will be over and the pre-wedding jitters will be gone. Try to think about the day you got engaged, look at photos of you two together, remember when you first met etc., and you’d be fine.

3. Think Positive: Another way to deal with pre-wedding jitters is to basically make sure that you are in a positive state of mind. Have healthy meals, good sleep routine, and follow a balanced lifestyle. You will find yourself away from these worries.

4. Occupy Your Mind: Trying to stay busy till the big day arrives is another way to deal with jitters. Basically, get busy with something ( not with things around the wedding) that keeps your mind away from the wedding day. You can Join a gym, or focus on other activities.

5. Seek Support from Close Friends And Family: When you’re struggling with negative thoughts, anxiety, or worries, it can be helpful to discuss these feelings with someone you trust. It does not help you if you keep your feelings to yourself. Tell your partner how you feel, or a close friend or relative, such as your maid of honor or your mum. They’ll be happy to listen to you and support you through this stressful time. You can also ask married friends and relatives what they did to calm down before their own wedding.

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