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Skin types are mostly determined by genetics, this talks about skin traits you inherit from your parents. In preparing for your wedding day, good knowledge of your skin type will help you choose the right bridal glow skin products so as to look beautiful in your wedding gown and accessories on your wedding day.

The skin type ranges from normal, dry, oily, combination to sensitive skin. You need to know which type you have so that you can find better ways to treat your skin especially as you prepare towards your wedding day.

Please note that younger people have normal skin type, not too dry not too oily; however, as you grow older, it begins to thin out in some areas, mostly more visible on the face. This is a very important point because your face needs a magical glow on your wedding day.

In preparing for your wedding day and for daily living, water intake is very essential for beautiful skin. Taking water regularly gives your skin elasticity, moisture and keeps it comfortable. Preparing your skin for the day of your wedding is so essential.

You have to determine the type of skin you have and do the right things to make it flawless for your make-up. Like it has been said over time, make drinking water a daily part of your beauty routine.

Wash your face twice a day. Don’t wear make-up often and stay away from carbonated drinks as much as you can. Watermelon and cucumbers are a great source of water and they are sweet too so whenever you crave sugar, eat them.

Wedding Day Looks: Skin Types

Let’s look at the skin types we have and what they are all about:

Normal skin: This skin type is in between dry and oily. It has less visible pores, no breakouts, no pimples, no rashes, no serious sensitivity, and the complexion is always clear and glowing. There isn’t much concern for this type of skin and you don’t need too many products to make it behave. For the face, just wash your face twice a day, use mild soap or mild facial wash and avoid too much makeup.

Dry skin: Just as it says, dry. This skin gives a very dull complexion. Most times, it cracks if it is not well moisturized. If your skin is dry, you may experience some limitations with regards to the wedding gown you can wear on your wedding day especially if you have not taken good care of your skin.

You may be searching for bridal dresses with long sleeves if you have dry skin patches on your hands. For example, people with extremely dry feet experience cracks, this often becomes itchy and inflamed.

With a cracked foot, you will need bridal shoes that will cover up the cracked spots. Other parts of the body and face can become rough, dry, sensitive to weather and itchy. If your skin is dry, avoid using hot water for bathing.

Buy a body cream rich in moisturizer but none greasy and apply right after your bath to lock in moisture. Use mild gentle bath soaps and cleansers and avoid exfoliating.

Oily skin: Now this skin gives a lot of concern because it is sensitive skin. It mostly has visible large pores on the face and arms, shiny complexion, whiteheads, blackheads, dark patches on the face which is more visible on light skin, pimples and blemishes pron. Another thing about oily skin is it reacts to the weather. So as the weather changes, it will try to adapt.

However, it does not adapt well to hot weather as the heat can cause severe breakouts and rashes giving you such an uncomfortable feeling. For this skin concern, don’t pick pimples on your face. Don’t use cocoa butter or coconut oil on your skin. Use gentle cleansers for your face and wash your face twice a day.

Look fresh on your wedding day

Look fresh on your wedding day

Combination skin:  This skin is the most common type of skin. It combines oily and dry skin. So you might have an oily face and dry skin in some parts of your body. Some women might say only their nose, chin and forehead are oily, that is called the T zone while other parts are dry skin. Best treat this skin concern the same way oily and dry skins are treated with gentle skincare products.

We care about the total health of our intending brides and also our Hadassah Brides hence we ensure that we bring the right information that helps your total self.

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