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3 Simple Ways To Create A Wedding Mood Board.

wedding mood board  is important for three reasons:

  1. To keep track of your wedding ideas. 
  2. To help you communicate your vision to your wedding team
  3. To keep your wedding team working towards a cohesive look and feel. So they’re not constantly reaching out to you with questions.

Creating a mood board might look difficult because there are so many options, but we’ve put out some steps to help you create a wedding mood board that would make your wedding planning easy!

1. Think About Your Wedding Theme

The first step in creating a mood board is knowing the type of mood you’d like to achieve! So, visualize it. When you close your eyes and think of your wedding day, what do you see? You should also consider when you would be having the wedding, the type of venue you would be using, your budget the colors, and your taste. Sit with your partner and write down keywords or phrases that describe what you both envision for your day. Think of words like fun, intimate, romantic, etc. Not only should your wedding mood board communicate specific details and ideas but it should also include the mood and the atmosphere that you want to create.

2. How do you want your wedding mood board to look like?

The most popular options for creating a wedding mood board includes:

3. Review & Edit Your Wedding Mood Board

If you have a real mix of ideas, you may need to start afresh or delete some images. Have a look at all the images you’ve saved so far, are they similar to each other in style? Is there a common element throughout, or do they appear scattered? Take note of the colors that are used repeatedly. Being able to edit the images is important so you don’t feel overwhelmed with all your ideas, and it will help you craft a more cohesive look and feel for your big day.

We’d recommend picking 15-20 images that truly speak to you, and that portray that look and feel you want. In selecting these images, we’d suggest picking a variety of photos to showcase the different elements that will go into your wedding design. For example, you don’t want to have lots of images of flowers or wedding attire but none of the place settings, cake, or décor. Include a few important details that you hope to include in your day. Make sure to include your must-have items but try to keep an open mind.

Share Your Wedding Mood Board With Your Team

Now you’ve got your wedding mood board ready to go, it’s time to share it! You can print some copies to bring to your vendor appointments, or have a version saved so that you can share over email with your vendors.

Your wedding mood board is the perfect visual aid for your colors, venue, and overall aesthetic so your vendors and suppliers are not constantly reaching out to you to ask questions.

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