3 Easy Ways To Measure Your Ring Size

The average ring size for women ranges from size 3 to size 9. People tend to use sizes 5-7 a lot but size 6 is common. If you are planning to surprise your spouse and you don’t know her ring size, you can enlist her family and friends to help you. Also, if you are just curious about knowing your ring size, keep reading you are in the right plan.

There are three common ways you can measure your ring size so you can finally know your ring measurement.

Different Ways To Measure Your Ring Size

Ring size chart
  • Paper Method: Take a paper and wrap it around the base of your finger, keep it close to your knuckle (you can also use a string, but it’s unreliable since it’s very thin and will move around). Don’t wrap it tightly, also make sure the it fits comfortably around your finger, then mark where the paper where the ends overlap with a pen. Use a ruler and take down its length in millimeters.
  • Place a ring you own on a ring size chart: You can measure your ring size using a ring you already have and know fits you. Print out an accurate ring size chart and place your ring on the circles until you find the one that matches up with the inside circumference of your ring.
  • Buy a ring sizer: If you’re worried about one of the above two strategies not giving you the right accuracy, you can buy a ring sizer. They don’t tend to be expensive, and there are many options online so, again, you don’t have to leave your house to get this step accomplished.
wedding rings

Also with clothes, garments and shoes, rings also have sizes and it exists in more than one scale which differs between countries. These sizes are the same for any type of ring. Note that as opposed to gold rings, Platinum rings cannot be resized after the purchase.

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