5 Popular Types Of Wedding Bouquet.

Choosing the type of wedding bouquet is a big deal for the bride. Getting the style just right so that it fits perfectly with the wedding gown and décor is an important part of planning the wedding. Five of the most popular types of bouquets can be found below to help you get a feel for what style would work best in your wedding.

Wedding bouquet
Bridal Bouquet

The Popular Types Of Wedding bouquet

Cascading Bouquet: This style of wedding bouquet is a beautiful and elegant arrangement that is very full at the top and gently narrows down to a cascade at the bottom. For that reason, it is sometimes called a waterfall bouquet and is perfect for more formal weddings. It can consist of either large dense flowers and greenery or small wispy flowers and ribbons. Usually large and detailed, these arrangements can be quite pricey, so it is best to look into another style if you are on a tight budget.

Cascade Bridal Bouquet
Cascade Bridal Bouquet

Round Bouquet: This style of a wedding bouquet is dense and securely packed together. The round bouquet is very clean and classic and is used by a traditional bride. It is often a single type of flower bouquets – such as roses, hydrangea blossoms, or peonies. The round bouquet is perfect for a bride who wants a beautiful bouquet but doesn’t want the flowers to detract from the other design elements of the wedding.

Wedding Bouquet
Round Bridal Bouquet

Hand-Tied Bridal Bouquet: This style of a wedding bouquet is distinguished by its relaxed, unpolished quality. Different colors and textures are tied loosely to achieve an effortless, “just picked” look. We especially love this type of bouquet for rustic, garden, or boho-chic wedding styles.

Hand tied wedding bouquet
Hand tied wedding bouquet

Elongated Bridal Bouquet: The style of wedding bouquet has distinct height and length, which can be achieved by using long, skinny blooms and greenery. This bouquet shape is perfect for the boho bride that gravitates to a wild flower bouquet or the bride who likes a really sleek style.

Elongated wedding bouquet

Crescent Bridal Bouquet: The crescent bouquet is a lush alternative to the hand-tied bouquet. Both sides of this bouquet extend outward to give it a longer, more horizontal shape. The crescent bouquet lends itself well to the dreamy garden-style bouquets that have gained popularity in recent years. This shape is perfect for the bride who loves flowers and who wants a large bouquet that makes a lavish, romantic statement.

Wedding Style: Romantic, Garden, & Chic
Crescent Bridal Bouquet

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