5 Ways To Pick The Perfect Wedding Date

Congratulations, have you picked a wedding date? This is one of the  first few questions your family and friends will ask after your engagement. Also, without picking your wedding date, you can’t start planning your wedding yet.

If you haven’t yet decided yet or if you are still wondering where to start from, we have written out some tips on how to choose a wedding date that’s perfect for you.

Wedding date

Here’s How to Choose the perfect wedding date

1 The Size of the Wedding: The first thing that you would consider before picking the wedding date is the size of your wedding. If you are planning to have a big wedding, you will need a longer time to make all the arrangements. If you are having a small event with just close family and friends then a short time is all you need.

2 Budget of your Wedding: Another thing you need to consider is your wedding budget. Your wedding budget will affect a lot of things. For instance, if you choose to marry in the peak season, like December, you will end up paying more because prices during this season are higher. But if you schedule your wedding in March or November or during the offseason, then it will cost you less. Besides, the days of the week also matter. If you choose to marry on Saturday, it will be the costliest affair; however, a wedding during the week will be a pocket-friendly affair.

3. Consider the Season: If you are looking at having an outdoor wedding, then you probably want to pick your wedding date when the weather is more favorable like in December, January or February.

How to Choose Wedding Date

4. Avoid Certain Wedding Dates: Choosing a wedding becomes comparatively easy if you skip certain dates which are dictated by your religion or special occasions. For instance, if you’re a Catholic, having your wedding during the month of lent might not be possible for you. Choose a date before or after this time of year. Your wedding should be exclusively your day. Don’t pick your wedding date on the day of the festival or some special occasion. Choose a date that you and your loved ones can enjoy thoroughly. So, keep all these in mind when you sit to pick the right date.

5. Think about other aspects of your wedding: For Instance, you might want to keep an open mind to a few dates. For example, if your dream venue is booked or wedding Photographer is booked? Better still what about the important people in your family? You will want to make sure they can attend!

Remember, it’s your wedding, and your wedding date will be part of your life as a couple forever. So, pick a wedding date that the two of you are happy with. Besides, your wedding date will also be influenced by your occupation or job. There is no point in getting married in a season when you will be totally occupied with lots of work. Most couples choose wedding dates based on their priorities, like their jobs, family, popular venue, etc. You see what is important to you and accordingly pick your wedding date.

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