Your wedding day is the most important day in a person’s life. You and your partner will walk down the aisle and make a lifetime commitment to each other. You want your day to go smoothly without any unplanned drama

Do you have a backup plan? Unforeseen events do happen during and before the wedding ceremony. 

What are your ideas in the event of an emergency? 

  1. Weather plan

If your wedding is an outdoor ceremony, you’ll need a back up plan.

Here are a few things to consider when creating your weather plan:

  • Is there an indoor location that is close to your main venue where you can move the entire wedding?
  • What do your other vendors need for a backup plan?
  • Will there be umbrellas available in case there is a downpour?


  1. Wardrobe malfunctions

All brides should have a mini sewing kit, safety pins, extra shoe, earrings, ecklace, bracelet etc because of unforeseen events that might happen. Don’t be selfish not to have an emergency kit for your groom and grooms men too

  1. Plan B music

They might be car break down for your Dj to get to the venue or the band won’t be there on time due to some unforeseen circumstances. But loading your iPod or SD card with your first dance music and your favorites with what the audience would like to hear and the musics that are in vogue with two speakers that are active sounds great. Play the old music for the elders and mix with today’s own for the youths.  


4. Sore feet

As we all know, brides would want to put on a pair of heels on their wedding day. 

Your wedding shoe may look good on your dress but it will be killing you by the time you’ll be done with the ceremony. So it’s advisable to bring along with you a comfy slip on that you’d be comfortable with to the ceremony venue. 


5. Running Late

We all know that brides often arrive late to their wedding venue due to some reasons like

  1. The make up is taking longer time than expected
  2. The bride might be stuck in traffic 
  3. The photographer might take longer time than expected
  4. The bride might want to eat before leaving for the wedding ceremony 
  5. Maybe something happened to the dress that needs to be taken care of before getting to the ceremony venue

Things that are unplanned might happen.

We would suggest you include this in your plan. If getting to reception party is 10 minutes, you can tell your host to announce to your guest that it will take you 20 to 25 minutes before you get  there. While your guests are waiting, they can be served with merriment such as small chops and music so they won’t be bored out of their mind and dance to the tunes while some dance, some chat and some create memories by taking pictures. 


6. Drunk Guest

Some people don’t know when it’s time they’ve gotten to their limits to stop drinking but instead they continue. 

When a guest or guests has started misbehaving, have someone that’s cool headed take them out side to cool off and remind them they’re been uncontrollable in a gentle manner.

Don’t be rude to them by telling them straight up that they’re drunk. 

Have a word with the servers that they should stop serving any guest or guests that their behavior is getting out of hand.

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