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Skincare Tips- How To Keep Your Skin Glowing Till The Wedding Day

The wedding day of each bride is usually an enormous deal. It’s among the most important days in a woman’s life. Naturally, you’d want to look beautiful. The jewelries and other accessory boosts your look but nothing beats a skin glow.  We have put out some important tips to make sure you’ve got a fresh […]

COVID-19: Your Questions Answered

One of the greatest effects of the widespread of the Corona Virus is the cancellation of social gatherings and events. In some countries, gatherings of more than 50 are not allowed while others have totally shut down all forms of activities/gatherings.  As a potential bride, you are probably thinking of cancelling your wedding (perhaps you […]

8 Affordable Honeymoon Destinations In Nigeria

Honeymoon is an old-fashioned vacation taken by a newlywed to celebrate their marriage in intimacy and privacy. A honeymoon vacation for most Nigerian brides happens only once in a lifetime; therefore, the dream of every bride is to have a luxurious honeymoon and ignite the spark in her love life with her spouse. Couples prefer […]

4 Best Wedding Dress for Your Body Type

body shapes and wedding gown

What is the best wedding dress for your body type? If you’re that body conscious lady, am sure I am about 90% correct most times. Nigerian Weddings: Our Style! The wedding day is probably the most important day in a person’s life. With girls, this day holds, even more, value to us, since we have […]

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