5 Affordable Countries For A Destination Wedding In The World.

A Destination wedding includes a venue, backdrop, food, and even a honeymoon. It is hard to choose a destination where you would have your wedding. This write up will show you some preferred destination weddings and the reasons you should choose them.

destination wedding

5 Countries For A Destination Wedding

1. South Africa: The bride and groom can travel to South Africa if they share a love of adventure and the outdoors. The breathtaking view aside, you can have your wedding at an animal reserve and hear the roars from the lions. Too much? What about a chapel at the top with the mountains in the background? You can then go on a wild Safari. There is nothing like witnessing lions begin a new chapter in your life. There are many options in South Africa.

Destination Wedding

2. Seychelles Islands: This Island is a picture-perfect place for the whole package. The huge granite boulders decorate the sprawling photogenic beaches. This is a place of class and adventure all mixed into one. There is an option of scuba diving, surfing, and of course, the long walk down the white sand beaches. The love is surely in the air.

3. Hawaii, USA: Hawaii is the way to go. The sandy beaches, the feel in the air, and the trees will have you say a destination wedding can be wild on the beach; the guests will enjoy it for sure. The guests would be limited thus assuring the intimate ceremony.

4. Mexico: In the middle of vibrant Mexico City, a fantastic urban option for destination weddings. There’s no shortage of reasons to have your destination weddings in Mexico from the cuisine to the proximity to the United States.

5. Greece: Santorini, with its famous whitewashed buildings and romantic sunsets, is the most popular destination in Greece. Greece is rich in culture and history, thanks to its ancient temples and Greek mythology. The romance here is unmatched and a Greek wedding with the Ionian Sea’s beauty will be unforgettable.

Remember that not all couples will choose destination weddings. A church wedding will suit you and your spouse as well. If you don’t like to travel or are worried about whether your friends and family will come, you might want to think twice and save the big plans for your honeymoon.

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