Marriage relationships are filled with ups and downs. You might sometimes feel that the emotions are not running as fast as they used to when you met each other.

Sustaining a relationship takes being intentional about your actions.

Here are some of the things to try out so as to bring back that excitement in your relationship. 

  1. Look attractive
  • Take very good care of yourself physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally.
  • Try to practice good hygiene
  • Always make the relationship worth it
  1. Get touchy-feel
  • Tell your partner how much you care about them
  • Be generous with hugs
  • Recognize your partner’s needs and wants
  • Always find a way through a discussion
  • Let the issue out and talk about it 
  • Learn to accept each other despite your differences.
  1. Plan dates together 
  • Give each other a massage or go on couples massage date
  • Take an exercise class together
  • Go to the beach

Walking down the beach can be therapeutic. Try it.

  • Go on a picnic
  • Go for lunch and dinner dates
  • Go for comedy shows together 
  • Plan a get away together 
  • Print and frame your favourite photo
  • Go to the movies together
  • Hold hands often
  1. Retell the story of your first date or where you met
  2. Change one thing in your bedroom every month
  1. Communicate with your partner, especially when it comes to couple’s sex life 
  1. Don’t rush things
  2. Try something new and exciting 
  1. Dress for each other  
  1. Always create you and me time for each other
  1. Surprise each other 


 I believe that doing these and more will help keep the sparkle in your relationship.

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  1. Always pay attention to your partner