Roles of Flower Girls

Having a flower girl as part of the wedding party has been in existence since Victorian time or even earlier. The original intention was to use her as a way to provide entertainment to the wedding guest who would be wowed as she walked down the aisle. These days her main purpose might not be to entertain the guest, but guests are still thrilled when she walks before the bride.

Flower Girl Wedding Day Duties

The flower girl is most of the time a close relative or friend of the bride or groom. In addition to her celebratory duties and other duties, she will be expected to be in some wedding photographs, either before or after the celebration.

Walking Down the Aisle

The flower girl’s appearance signals the bride’s arrival on the wedding day. She is to walk with the bride’s maid, but before the bride. If there is a ring bearer, she may walk down the aisle at his side. otherwise, she may walk with other flower girls, between two ring bearer or walk single file. In most cases, she’ll strew flower petals (real or faux) along the aisle for the bride’s service. However, she might also be asked to:

Carry a sign
Blow bubbles
Carry a small bouquet
Hold balloons

Duties at the event
It’s rather unreasonable to expect a little girl to stand throughout the event, especially if it’s a long one. Assign one of the bride’s maids to keep an eye on her and hold her hand if need be. If she starts misbehaving, the bridesmaid should take her to her parent, where she should sit for the time of the event. She’s not required to walk back up the aisle in the recessional, though many do.

Duties at the Reception
Reception duties differ depending on the age of the flower girl and what she and her parents are comfortable with her doing.

The flower girl may be announced as part of the grand entrance if she wants to partake.
The flower girl should be seated at either the head table or with her parents at a reserved table near the head table for dinner.
She may participate in the bridal party dance and any other dancing throughout the evening.
Be flexible and leave it up to her and her parents to determine what she partake in and how long they stay at the reception.

Gather Dress and Accessories
Parents or the couple will help the flower girl buy her dress and accessories prior to the wedding day. In most cases the flower girl will wear a mini version of the bride or bridesmaids’ dresses, often styled appropriately for her size and age. If no matching version is available, you can consider a less expensive flower girl dress in the same colors as the bridesmaids or a simple white party dress.

White tights and age appropriate shoes can be worn.
Jewelry should be simple; keep it delicate and age-appropriate.
Flower girl hair may be up or down; she may wear a tiara or even flowers.

Attend the Wedding Rehearsal

If there is a wedding rehearsal, the flower girl and her parent should be encouraged to attend so she knows what to do on the wedding day. If the the rehearsal run into the night the couples should not expect them to stay for the entire event

Flower Girl Age Recommendation
The flower girl is generally between the age of three and eight. Keep in mind however, that the younger she is, the less likely she is to stay focused. Young children at weddings are unpredictable so discuss with her parents whether they feel she can handle the responsibilities. While most of the time there is nothing to worry about, you should be prepared for all likelihoods.

Flower Girl Gifts of Appreciation

While getting gift for the party, don’t forget the flower girls gift. Bridal dolls, Jewelry or even fun games and toys are all ways you can appreciate the little girl for participating in your wedding day.

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