Things A Bride Should Do Before Putting On Her Wedding Dress

Yo!!! The big day is finally here. Its time to put on your bridal dress and walk down the aisle in style. It’s such a special and precious moment that happens once in a life time, so don’t rush things. You want to see your reflection in the mirror and see “PERFECT”? 

Make sure you do these things before you put on your wedding dress.

  1. Eat and drink

Make sure you eat before going near the dress. Especially if you want to eat food with color or drink red wine. It’s better to hold on until the pictures have been taken. I would strongly advise a light breakfast so that you don’t get too hungry during the day.

  1. Get your make up done

It’s certain you definitely don’t want to ruin your precious wedding dress with stains. Get your make up done so as to avoid stories that touch the heart (smiles) before going near your wedding dress.

  1. Go to the bathroom

It will be difficult going to the bathroom in a fluffy dress even when taking photos and during the ceremony as well. 

  1. Put on the right under garments 

Look for what suits your dress style so you’ll be ready to be to go for the day. Putting on the right lingerie will prevent unwanted lines from showing and also keep you rosy and confident.

Woman in White Gown Carrying White Sandals
  1. Put on your shoes 

Having your bridal shoes on first makes you get ready on time. Have someone help you with wearing of your dress to avoid stepping on your dress.

Person Washing His Hand
  1. Wash your hands 

After doing all of the above, then you’re good to wear your wedding dress to avoid ruining it with stain before getting to the ceremony venue. Make sure you wash your hands before wearing your wedding gown.

I know you’re going to have a great time on your wedding day. You deserve the best.

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