4 Easy Ways To Choose Your Bridal Hair Accessories

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Bridal hair accessories are important to get the perfect wedding hairstyle. Your hair accessories add the perfect finishing touch to your wedding dress and also draws attention to your face.

Hair accessories differ because there are several styles. They range from bridal combs, hairpins, hair vines, crowns/ tiara, to bridal veils, etc.

It can also be quite confusing especially if you do not know which accessories go best with which hairstyle or dress. Therefore we are going to discuss the easy ways to choose the bridal hair accessory that will match your dress and complement your hairstyle.

Tips to Choose Your Bridal Hair Accessories

  1. Your Personal Style: The first thing to take into consideration when choosing your hair accessories is your personal style and the style or theme of your wedding. Your wedding day isn’t the time to go too far from your personal style. Is your style romantic? Then a sweet flower comb or hair vine will suit you beautifully. Are you a trend setter? Go for a dramatic statement piece. Having a beach or destination wedding? How about a simple and elegant hair flower. Stay true to your own personal style and look for pieces that really speak to you.
  2. Your Hairstyle: After taking into consideration your personal style, the second thing that you will want to think about is your hairstyle. We advice you not to buy a headpiece until you are sure of the type of hairstyle you will want to wear and whether you are going to wear it in front, back or side of your head . It is also important to take into consideration the thickness of your hair. Brides with thinner hair may want to stay away from bulky or heavier pieces that may have a tendency to fall out or shift on your wedding day.
  3. Your Wedding Dress: The most important aspect of your overall wedding look is your wedding dress. The dress is going to set the style for your whole look. If your dress is simple with no embellishments, it leaves you more open in choosing any type of accessories. If your dress has a lot of detailed embellishments, you will want to take this into consideration when choosing accessories. The color of the dress also has a role to play when choosing bridal hair accessories.
  4. Type of Accessory:
    • Hair combs are the most popular choice among brides. With so many different styles to choose from, it is easy to find something that fits in with the theme of your wedding and your personal style.
    • Hair vines are the newest trend in bridal hair accessories. Twist a hair vine at the back of a soft braided hairstyle, around a bridal bun, on the top of your head like a headband or for a more dramatic look, hair vines can be worn across the forehead!
    • Tiaras/ crowns create a beautiful classic look or a dramatic statement depending on the style. They work with any hairstyle.
    • Hair Pins work if you are looking for a very simple look. They are best in a half up half down hairstyle, place hair pins across your style for a variety of looks. 
    • The birdcage veil is the signature accessory for a vintage-glam wedding. It is better to keep the length of veil within 9″, which is the perfect length to place the veil off to the side of the head and drape across your face diagonally to allow your lips to be free.”
Bridal Hair Accessories
Bridal Hair Vine

We saved the most important piece of advice for last and that is: stay true to yourself and work with your own style and tastesThis is your day and you should feel your most beautiful and your most authentic. The bottom line is there really are no rules except for one, to do what makes you happy.

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