10 Bridal Accessories You’ll Need On Your Wedding Day

10 Bridal Accessories You’ll Need On Your Wedding Day

There are so many items to buy and arrange for your wedding that it’s easy to overlook a few of those important bridal accessories. However, it’s the small details that make your wedding unique and special.

You’ve finally chosen your dream wedding dress, got matching wedding bands for you and your groom, found the perfect venue, and organized everything for your wedding. Now you’re down to the last stages of your wedding preparation: your bridal accessories. Your bridal attire wouldn’t be complete without these major items to enhance your overall look and save you from some common wedding day mishaps.

Here are ten accessories you’ll need on your bridal list, along with some options you can buy right now!


Based on superstitions and beliefs, a piece of the bride’s wedding dress can usher in good fortune. To avoid guests ripping off parts of the bridal dress, brides began to wear a garter that one lucky attendee can take home. The garter was also believed to be a symbol of the consummation of the marriage.

Like the bouquet toss, the garter throw is a tradition. It’s an opportunity to establish rapport between the bride’s and the groom’s family and friends. As an unexpected benefit, the garter toss may bring two people together (perhaps, in holy matrimony).

Wedding Shoes:

Whether you want sky-high heels or comfy flats, you’ll need to select your wedding shoes before your first dress fitting so that your gown can be hemmed perfectly. When selecting your wedding shoes, consider your comfort and also your wedding venue and style. For example, if you’ll be outdoors on grass or in the sand for most of your wedding day, stiletto heels likely won’t be comfortable or appropriate—stick with wedges, sandals, or flats instead.

Hair Accessories:

You have a lot of options when it comes to how you should wear your hair up or down, or in between. You’ll also need to decide if you’ll wear any hair accessories. For classic brides, a headband, comb, or tiara with pearls is timeless and chic. You truly can’t go wrong with pearls when working with a bridal white palette. You can even go for a clip or comb with real flowers, if you like the idea of a flower crown but want something a little more toned down. A hairpiece with rhinestones or feathers is perfect for the glamorous bride while sleek and sculptural pieces in gold or silver suit ultra-modern tastes.

Bridal Jewellery:

The most obvious bridal accessories you’ll wear on your wedding day are your engagement ring and wedding band. But in terms of additional jewelry, it’s up to you to decide what looks best with your dress. For example, a necklace can look great with a strapless neckline, but might not work well with a detailed illusion neckline. Our best advice is to avoid going overboard with the jewelry. One or two carefully chosen pieces is likely all you’ll need to dazzle on that big day.


There’s a lot more to the wedding bouquet than the bride throwing it over her head at the end of the ceremony. It’s also a vital accessory to the way you dress on your big day. So choose it carefully, and make sure you go with a bouquet style that goes with your dress.

The best way to make sure of this is to study the wedding bouquet brochure your florist shows you. Look at the pictures and try to spot brides wearing a similar dress to the one you’ll be wearing. When you find a similar dress, go with the same bouquet in the picture so you can be sure of a good match.

Bridal Sash:

Wedding dresses showcasing lots of beading and embellishment tend to be expensive. If you are into that sparkly look but don’t want to blow your budget, adding a crystal sash to your bridal look is a great option.

Unlike many accessories for your big day, a bridal sash or belt is most likely something you’ve never thought about. Until you go dress shopping and find a gorgeous dress, that needs something a little bit extra to make it perfect.

When you pair the right bridal sash, it can take a simple wedding dress up a notch.

From simple ribbon sashes or vintage embellished bridal belts, to more fashion-forward accessories in metallic or jewel-encrusted styles, a bridal sash or belt can flatter your figure, add personality to your look, break up a plain white gown or tie bridal separates together.

Yep, we’re big fans.

So to help you find the perfect sash to match your wedding dress, we’ve put together a few of our favourites that you can shop online today. Easy!


You probably won’t want to carry a purse during your wedding. You will likely be carrying your bouquet for much of the day and you may end up misplacing it. However, if there are certain items that you would like with you during the reception—makeup for a touch up, breath mints, or tissues, you can certainly put them in a purse or clutch and enlist a bridesmaid or close friend or family member to keep it safe for you.

Bridal Robes:

On the big day, behind-the-scenes activities can be just as important as the main event. The time you spend with your bridesmaids getting ready for the wedding is something that you’ll remember forever. Beyond putting on makeup and getting those gorgeous hairstyles in place, it’s also a moment to bond with some of your closest friends (while having a glass or two of bubbly)

For that reason, choosing a bridal robe is very important because just like your dress, it will be in cherished photos for years to come. So, it’s good that there’s a wide selection of bridal robes out there, in all sorts of styles — lace, silk, personalized, and more.

Bridal veil:

The veil is the iconic bridal accessory. From flirty birdcages to regal cathedral-length styles, there’s no shortage of options. But there are a few things you should keep in mind as you plan about the type of veil you want to wear. First of all, you’ll want your veil to match the exact shade of your gown.

Also, consider your body type: Longer waltz or floor-length veils will elongate a petite frame while mid-length styles, like fingertip or elbow-length veils, can visually cut you in half, making them a better pick for taller brides. Short styles, like a birdcage or bandeau, work for all shapes and sizes and lend a fun, retro vibe to your gown.

Bridal Shrug, jacket or wraps:

Whatever time of the year you plan your wedding; you can’t plan the weather. So a wrap or stole or bolero is a must. Especially if you and your bridesmaids are standing outside for a long photo session in a cold wind. You and your bridesmaids wearing matching faux fur stoles will look great in your photographs.

So there you have it – 10 great accessories you can make use of on your wedding day, and every single one of them has the power to totally change your look on your big day.

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