Amazing 2020 Wedding Colour Combinations To Consider

Oh wow, it’s your wedding day and one of the main concerns is if you know the right 2020 wedding colour combinations or your wedding colours as the case may be.

Wedding Colour Combinations For 2020

Wedding Colour Combinations For 2020

I’ll just start by saying congratulations on your successful wedding proposal. I’m always very excited when brides share their wedding proposal stories with me. Sometimes I wonder what thought goes through a lady’s mind when the guy says “Will you marry me?” It’s such a beautiful moment. I also believe however that some don’t get to experience dramatic wedding proposals, events just flow into the wedding planning process. In whatever way the wedding readiness procedure begins, be sure to enjoy the whole process as you begin your journey to ‘happily ever after’.

As the wedding planning starts, you will notice that one of the first main things to tackle will be your wedding colours. Your wedding colours determine the decoration of your wedding hall, the accessories like bridal jewelry sets used for your wedding gown, the outfits of your parents and guests amongst others.

One question I always ask brides before looking at the trending colours for the year is: “What is your favourite colour?” A lot of times, a colour that you have always loved since childhood will find its way into your wedding colours. In the same way, a wedding look you’ve savoured from childhood will determine your choice of wedding gown. A lot of brides have always kept the idea of a princess royal look on their wedding day… Such brides find themselves going for ball wedding gowns embellished with matching jewelry sets while some brides have wanted a classy hour glass look on their wedding day, you see such brides wearing mermaid wedding gowns.

Wedding Colour Combinations to Consider

There are so many colours to choose from in 2020 wedding colours of the year. This 2020 colour trend is a mixture of something borrowed, old, new and classic.

Wedding Colour Combination

Wedding Colour Combination

Let’s look at a few wedding colours that you can consider:

  • Blue and deep red
  • Gold and army green
  • Light red and peach
  • Maroon and green
  • Emerald and pale pink
  • Gold and red
  • Champagne and wine
  • Coral and gold
  • Navy blue and gold
  • Silver and burgundy
  • Silver and black
  • White
  • Purple and silver
  • Beige and burgundy
  • Ivory and burgundy
  • Earthy tones of green
  • Sunflower yellow and ruby red
  • Navy blue and mauve (mauve is a dark purple colour so you might want to use a very dark purple shade)
  • Dusty blue and silver (instead of going for the traditional blue color, why not do a pale blue mix with silver and match with burgundy or light pink)

In deciding your wedding colour combination, you might also want to look at the significance of some of these colours and how they can resonate with your personal beliefs.

Here are some colours you might want to use on your wedding day and a little explanation about them.

White: Is a symbol of purity. It also symbolizes virginity. It is said when a bride wears white on her wedding day, goodness and light will always be found in her home.

Blue: signifies water. The ocean. Using the blue colour on your wedding day means you will always have freshness, calmness, stability and peace in your home.

Green: stands for earth and nature. It is associated with fertility, growth, good health and youth. This colour symbol is significant when it is used on your wedding day to pray for children.

Yellow: It symbolizes the sun, joy, energy and happiness. It just means all these will always be found in your home.

In any way you wish to pair your wedding colours, it will always come out beautiful especially when there is uniformity in mixing them and don’t be afraid to go all out with your choice of colours on your wedding day. You can mix more than two colours but don’t make it a rainbow theme, please.

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Wedding Colour Combination

Wedding Colour Combination

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