4 Tips For Selecting Wedding Vendors

Your wedding day is approaching and I’m pretty sure that you are spending a lot of time online searching for wedding vendors. Before you continue your search, you should read these 4 tips that I have put together to ease the stress of your wedding planing.

Photo by Rob Futrell

Set a budget

This should be the first thing you do after announcing your engagement. It’s  like a homework for you and your partner so that you don’t end up falling in love with a vendor’s services way above your price range. It is better to lay up your expectations so that you don’t put yourselves under pressure and end up over spending. Every item and service which you will be needing on your wedding day should be assigned a budget. You can read more about how to plan a low budget wedding here.

Ask for referrals

Ask friends and family for referrals, they must have worked or seen the work of one or two essential wedding vendors. This is better because the referrals are one of the best ways to know reliable wedding businesses. It will also help you streamline and reduce the stress involved in looking for vendors from the scratch. If you have friends who have bought or rented their wedding .

Write/note down every detail down to the smallest thing 

After you have gotten referrals, write down their details and go over one after the other. In order to fully understand everything they have talked about, ask them to itemize them in their quote so that you know exactly what you are paying for. You should also ensure that they list out every detail you talked about. Do a survey to see how the wedding industry is doing and make your estimates from there also.

Do not be afraid to negotiate

It’s your wedding, bring out all the wild imaginations you’ve had as a child about how you want your big day to be. Do not limit yourself, talk and express yourself, you are paying for it. If a vendor doesn’t fit into your choice, there are a whole lot of other vendors that will be willing to be a part of your day but be careful not to overstretch so you don’t get disappointed. You should also be mindful of the current economic realities viz-a-viz your wedding period.

Once you have a good team of vendors for your wedding day, give them clear directions and let them do their work of making your wedding a huge success.

Congratulations on your big day!!!

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