Things You Can Do To Help Cut Down On Your Wedding Cost

Congratulations!!! Your wedding day is approaching and plans are in top gear. We all know that the world is going through an unprecedented time and we need to be mindful of expenses like never before. Getting married is indeed important and it can be done with minimal expenses.

Because we love you so much at Hadassah Bridals, we have put together a few tips that can help you save money in your wedding planning.

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Buy A Dummy Cake

Most bakeries have a way of tweaking cakes to look big and beautiful by using just a few layers of cake and dummy cake. You can talk to your baker about it, it is more affordable than having all tiers of your wedding cake as real cake and you also get to wow your audience with a beautiful massive cake and save money at the same time. 

Use your home

Instead of renting a hall or a garden that might cost a fortune, you could use a nearby school field or even your compound if you have enough space. They are quite cheaper compared to other venues. All you have to do is hire a good event decorator to turn the place around.

Traditional and White Wedding Ceremonies On The Same Day

This has become a normal trend especially for couples living far from home. One of the best advantages of having both weddings on the same day is the fact that that it helps you save money. Imagine inviting the same set of people and having to cater for them twice as compared to inviting them once. 

Prepare Wedding Food At Home

Get both families to help in preparing meals for the wedding, this will reduce the expenses involved in hiring a professional caterer for your wedding guests. You will also create a bond between the family members as they spend time together preparing the wedding meal.

Rent wedding gown

Wedding dress rental package

Most people love to have their own dresses and accessories but if you do not really have need for your wedding gown and accessories after the wedding then there is no need buying a gown. Many bridal houses are willing to rent out gowns at lower rates as compared to buying. When you rent your wedding gown, you also get to use other bridal accessories at a bargain which can of course return to the bridal boutique after use. Hadassah Bridals has amazing deals for classy wedding gowns which are available for rentals

Hire a DJ

DJ’s are widely known to charge less than a live band, consider hiring one to save cost.

With these points, be rest assured that you are going to be spending less and still have that amazing wedding of your dream.


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