5 Conversations You Need To Have Before Marriage

1. Money

Talking about money before marriage is a very important aspect of determining financial fidelity. What is your view about money? Are you extravagant or a saver? How do you spend when you have an budgeted income? Do you need a joint account to check excesses? Who makes more money ? Who is a wiser spender? Who handles the family finances? Will there be transparency of each others account? These and many more are things to talk about concerning money because money issues will always come up.

2. SEX

You guessed right.  Sex is an integral and healthy component of every marriage. It’s the barometer of the marriage. It is very necessary to ask certain questions concerning sex. What is your general understanding of sex? Do you talk about your sex life? Does religion play a part in your sexual life? How frequent do you love to have sex? Will you understand if your partner says no? Do you have expectations about sex? Do you both feel comfortable and safe talking about your needs with each other? Why or why not? 

This makes it easier for your sex life to thrive and trust me it will make your marriage sweeter.

3. Talk About your Extended family

Once you get married, your immediate family becomes your extended family, mother, father, siblings.. You only have your partner and your children as your immediate family therefore you need to find out how you’ll both handle them. In this part of the world, individual families can be quite demanding. You need to ask questions like: How does your family view me, Can they come to the house at their own will? Are we subjected to each others family? What/who comes first? Will they become third parties? How will you react if they insulted your partner? Do you have any family traditions? Asking these questions will give you a better knowledge on how to handle your in-laws.

4. Children and raising kids

Would you love to have children? If yes, how many? What are your parenting styles? Are they similar? How will you raise the kids?

Would you raise them how you were raised? Do you have specific grooming principles you would love to imbibe in them? Who will always be with the kids? Are you both working Class? Do you plan to hire a nanny? Who does the school run?


5. Conflict Resolutions

As you know, every marriage has reconcilable differences, it all depends on how it’s being handled. Talk about how you handle mood swings,  how you react when angry, your weaknesses and strengths. Get to know yourselves better, it will help you know how to handle each other when you have misunderstandings.

  Are you ready for marriage and have everything sorted out but some questions still linger without answers, then you should consider having a pre marital counsellor come in to do a proper counselling section with you and your partner.

Congrats again and I wish you the marriage of your dreams

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