How To Create The Perfect Wedding Hashtag

Yeeeeh!!! You’re getting married and you are wondering how do people come up with their perfect wedding hashtags. Have you been searching for one but it seems like the search is never ending. Well I’m here to help you with getting the perfect one for your big day.

Please you shouldn’t be here alone, grab your partner and have a good read.

Your wedding hashtag doesn’t have to look or sound like every other one you have heard, it should be unique and customized just for you. 

You can follow these steps to create one

Start with your name: This might sound regular but you have to start with the basics. It could be your initials, a nickname from high school. This will be the time to utilize it as guests will be able to remember and tag you within the period.

Use Numbers: Using numbers help your hashtag to stand out. You could use numbers like the year you were born or the year you’re getting married or just a random number that fits into the name you have chosen.

Try to avoid misspellings: It’s going to get confusing for example if the names can be mixed up. A hashtag like DaveandAnna, shouldn’t be written as AnnaandDave because it will be much easier to missout one “a”.

Try to capitalize each word/name: Capitalizing the first letter of each word can help with readability if guests can see where each word starts and ends.

Check that your hashtag is available: Search online and social media to be sure that it has not been used before for any reason at all.

wedding rings

Looking for a simple hashtag idea that’s functional and to the point? You can start with one of these templates for an easy wedding hashtag you can work off to create your own. 

  • #AndreVows
  • #Andre2Dave
  • #CheersToTheAndres
  • #AndreWedding2020
  • #HappilyEverAndres
  • #AndreSaysIDo
  • #DaveWedsAnna
  • #HSquared(If your names start with same alphabets)#AndrePartyof2
  • #MeetTheAndres
  • #DaveAndAnnaGetHitched
  • #DaveAndAnnaTieTheKnot
  • #DaveAndAnnaKissAndTell
  • #MrAndMrsDan
  • #DaveAndAnnaSealTheDeal

Finally you can try using a wedding hashtag generator.

Congrats again and I wish you the marriage of your dreams!!!

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