2 Bridal Hair Accessories You Certainly Need For The Big Day.

Tiara or bridal hair vine? Which of these bridal hair accessories should you use on your big day?

We are always asked questions like “How do I go about choosing my wedding hair accessories? Do I choose my bridal hair accessory before or after I have decided on my wedding hairstyle? To answer these questions, you should wait until you know the hairstyle you are having. Your hairdresser will be able to help you with the accessories that will complement your bridal hair.

Bridal Hair Accessory

There are other bridal hair accessories out there but for the sake of this article, we will be discussing the Tiara and Bridal hair vine.

What are Bridal Hair Vines?

Hair vines are the newest trend in bridal hair accessories. A bridal hair vine is a delicately twisted length of wire, decorated with crystals, pearls, which is fixed in place with pins and is worn by brides on their wedding day. The hair vine can be worn as a stunning stand-alone bridal headpiece or can be paired with other bridal accessories, like veils, hairpins, or wedding hair combs, to achieve a variety of beautiful looks. They can be worn at the side of your head,

Bridal Hair Accessory

Hair vine gives you the option to wear your hair up or down, combining a little practicality with exquisite detailing.

Why choose a Tiara as a bridal hair accessory?

Tiaras are the oldest known forms of head adornment for women. Over time, tiaras became more elaborate and very valuable. Today, tiaras are commonly worn by brides, as a nod to the tradition of bridal head adornments. A well-chosen tiara is a stunning addition to any bride’s look.

Bridal Hair Accessory
Stunning modern bridal tiara from Hadassah Bridals

The important thing is to find the right bridal hair accessory for you.

How to Choose Your Bridal Hair Accessory

  1. Consider Your Wedding Dress:

Your Wedding hair accessory and the dress should complement each other not compete.

beautiful Nigerian bride

2. Consider Your Face Shape: It’s important to choose bridal hair accessories that complements your facial features and brings out your best look.

If you have a round face, it’s best to choose a tiara that has some height This will elongate your face, without adding to the roundness. If you have a long face, choose a tiara without height such as a headband or double band tiara to avoid elongating your face. For a bride with an oval or heart-shaped face, it’s generally a good idea not to choose a tiara with a peak.

3. Match Your Hairstyle: Your hairstyle and your bridal hair accessory must match if you want to achieve your best look.

Bridal Accessories

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