Bridal Shower Ideas |Having the Bridesmaids in Mind

A bridal shower is a pre-wedding event that has taken on a life of its own. No longer just a party by bridesmaids relegated to “giving the bride gifts” (in fact, tons of brides are opting out of opening their gifts in public altogether), a bridal shower should have fun activities and décor, snacks (of the sweet and savory variety) and—if applicable—creative cocktails. Here’s how to make a bridal shower memorable, sweet and entertaining—basically, anything but boring. 

Beach Bridal Shower

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A beach bridal shower has coastal vibes—but this one is all about sand and sunshine. This incorporates the swimsuit vibe into the affair.

Single Color Bridal Shower

A bridal shower can be memorable with the splash of a single color. The party can, for instance, be an all-white affair and then you will watch ladies glam up in all shades of white.

Glam Pajama Party

Remember how much fun slumber parties were as a little girl? It’ll be an awesome girls’ night in, complete with pizza, drinks, candy, games, and a movie (we’re thinking Bridesmaids).

Bridal Shower Based on the Wedding Colors

Color-coded themes make decorating pretty straightforward. Get ready for the big day with a shower that uses the same palette, from the colors guests wear to the drinks, the party favors, and gift wrap!


Throwing a bridal shower with a smaller guest list? An intimate picnic is a way to go. Splashy rugs and cozy pillows make sitting on the ground comfortable. A stylish tablescape, with taper candles and lots of blooms, elevates a casual picnic into a lady’s brunch.

A Boat Tour Party

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Boating bridal shower themes are the perfect opportunity to get on the water, on your terms. We basically welcome any excuse to get on a yacht and pretend we’re Bey. And boat life fits the bill especially well for a bridal shower: Fun activity? Check. Pretty environment? Check? Literally sailing away from the rest of the world with just your best people? Check check. Add a little vibe to the bridal shower and hire a Yacht to make the occasion memorable and invite all the bridesmaids, bride’s friends, and family to dance have fun on the Yacht.

Sports Day

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What if your person of honor wants nothing to do with the traditional pastels, girl talk, and games that showers are often known for? Maybe she’d rather be on the ball field instead. If so, host a spotty game or a sports day or a generally physical outdoor afternoon that’s just her speed.

Destination Bridal Shower

Spice up the party and take the shower to another location and have a tour of the city.

Home Bridal Shower

You can also cut costs by having the bridal shower at home while friends and your bridesmaids rally round and make things or bring over needed items.

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