Honeymoon – 5 Tips On How To Save Money for It

Honeymoon marks the end of the wedding stress and the beginning of marriage. It is also a time of loving and relaxing with each other without pressure and away from your family and close friends.

The vacation for most Nigerian brides happens only once in a lifetime and it’s important to ignite the spark in her love life with her spouse.

However, you should think of how you can save money before then to avoid pressure of another planning and thinking.

Honeymoons are expensive; from the flight bills, to the hotels, to food and travel expenses. It doesn’t make sense to be prudent about the wedding but waste money on the honeymoon. Your marriage has begun, and that includes its financial responsibilities.


It is very important for new couples to plan their honeymoon, prepare the budget and save towards it. We put together Tips that will help you save money and still enjoy that Unforgettable period of your life.

  • Take advantage of seasons: Every destination has high and low seasons. During high seasons, there are crowds and therefore high prices, while low seasons are cheaper. You should plan your honeymoon to skip high seasons when the prices are hiked due to increased demand. You’ll get cheaper prices-and miss the crowds too.
  • Go where you will get more: A poor currency exchange can sabotage your budget. You’re better off (at least financially) finding a destination where your money has more value, like Nigeria, Mexico or the Dominican Republic.
  • Fly off-peak: Flights are less expensive in the middle of the week across the board. If you’re traveling domestic, fly on a Sunday to avoid business travelers. If you’re going abroad, leave on Monday or Tuesday for the best deals.
  • Investigate packages: If a hotel offers you a honeymoon package, check if going to save you anything. Honeymoon prices for tours tend to be more expensive. Instead of incurring that expense, book a normal holiday at the hotel’s normal rate.
  • Mention you’re newlyweds: You can often leverage the fact that you’re on your honeymoon for special (and free) extras. While there are no hard rules for the practice (or guarantees it’ll get you anything), its worth telling the receptionist you’ll be spending your first days of married life with them. We’ve heard of couples getting complimentary room upgrades. It’s also worth dropping the h-word when you’re at airport check-in, and any bartender’s bound to offer a round on the house.
Eko Tourist Resort

You can save money while planning your honeymoon, but that doesn’t mean that it has to look cheap. Check out some affordable destinations for your honeymoon

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