How to Style a Natural Bridal Hair

When it comes to selecting the perfect style for your wedding, the possibilities are truly endless, especially the natural bridal hair . Thanks to the amazing versatility of natural hair. You can rock your God-given kinks without having to resort to straightening tools for the big day if you don’t want to.

You can transform your hair into braided buns and stretched pompadours, or you can even let your curls roam free and adorn them with floral and bejeweled headpieces. So if you are planning your look for your upcoming nuptials, we have picked out some elegant hairstyles that might just be “the one.” Get ready to screenshot and send these to your stylist.

We at Hadassah Bridals understand you need the most gorgeous wedding hairstyle ideas and we have got them.

Just take a look at this amazing collection of stunning hairstyles for Nigerian Brides. Whichever you pick, we are sure you will look dashing on your big day.

Styling natural bridal hair
Styling natural bridal hair

The Braided Updo:

This fabulous updo includes a braided portion on the side that is clipped back with a stunning hairpiece, giving the look an upgrade from a typical updo.

Twisted Tiara:

Twist your hair into a crown and do not forget to add a few jewels.

Rod Set on Tapered Cut:

Your stylist will probably set your hair on tiny rod rollers to achieve this look. It is a little longer in the front than the back, making it one of the most perfect natural wedding hairstyles to accent a short veil.

Regal Textured Bun:

A classic bridal hairstyle that works for natural or straightened hair is a high bun. It works with side bangs and goes with just about every dress, veil and decor style.

Jumbo Passion Twist:

Passion twists are new to the menu of protective style options, and it seems everyone wants to try them. Not only are they beautiful and low maintenance, but they also look better with time which is a good thing.

Braided low bun:

This braided low bun is beautiful by itself but the addition of the pearls makes this look very elegant!

Sleek Textured Braid:

Show your wedding hairstylist this gorgeous look if you want a detailed natural wedding hairstyle that does not require you to straighten your hair beforehand. A futuristic gold crown is a perfect accessory to set it off, too.

Twisted Mohawk with Cornrows:

This regal braided style pulls double-duty. It is a perfect natural wedding hairstyle that will last well into a beachy honeymoon.

Teased Top Knot:

Top knots are great for keeping hair off your face. For your big day, add volume by teasing it out.

Knots and Twists Combination:

Not all natural hair updos have to be structured and follow a clear pattern. This cute style for medium length hair perfectly illustrates that you can just braid your hair any way you like and then tie it up on the top of your head randomly. It will still look sophisticated and lovely. This is easy to make and maintain and you don’t really need the help of a stylist.


Who said you can’t make it on your wedding with long boxes if that’s what you fall for? I assure that you will look great. Just do what is best for you to look beautiful. Make boxes with naturally black hair and ensure that it is medium length to avoid much weight. Oil the scalp and part hair at the beginning of the right or left-hand side after braiding. Pull with bangs and fix ends in the middle by stitching.

Massive Looped Updo:

This is a lovely and relatively simple hairstyle for natural black hair that requires clear parting and skillful hands. The combination of twists and loops looks pretty impressive. The key to this updo is hiding the ends and smoothing out the edges for a super clean look.


Every bride should love pigtails. On your big day, you can update the look by wrapping the freely hanging ends of the braids around the back of the head and pinning them in place. It is similar to a crown braid, just much easier.


This hairstyle takes long hours to make so it requires you to make it two days before the wedding and to relax scalp for a moment. Apply beeswax on scalp and on top of hair to keep hair looking shiny and well moisturized.

Short Natural Curls & Flower Head Band:

These short curls combined with the flowery head band makes this a fresh and youthful look that shows off natural beauty.

Goddess Crown Braid:

This regal natural bride hair look sweeps all of your hair off your face and neck. It is definitely perfect for a long day with no touch ups!

Afro Puff with Highlights:

This is another look that is perfect for brides who want to showcase their natural hair. To imitate the hairstyle, slick your locks completely up and off your face. Gather them into a spectacular puff. Think of highlights that will compliment you skin tone beforehand.

Blown-out ‘Fro:

This striking natural wedding hairstyle is easy to achieve if you don’t mind a little heat. Natural tresses are blown out with a blow dryer to stretch and set them, or, if your hair isn’t this long, a wig or hair extensions can give you the same look.

What’s your favourite bridal style featured here? Have you rocked your natural hair at your wedding? Post your picture and tag @hadassahbridals so we can see how you rocked your hair on your big day!

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