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Should I Rent A Wedding Gown?

The decision to rent a wedding gown on your wedding day is a big one, especially because wedding days are very phenomenal and brides want to look their best on their big days. When a bride is getting married on a budget, buying a wedding gown may be too expensive. Some brides also don’t want to keep wedding dresses after the wedding. In cases like this, just go to google and search for “a wedding dress rental near me“.

Advantages: To rent a wedding gown or not?

  • Renting your wedding dress means that you get to spend less on getting a suitable wedding dress for your wedding day. Although a lot of brides want the killer dress for their day, you may want to ask if it is worth the breaking of your bank to do so
  • You can also get high-end designer wedding gowns for affordable prices when they are available for rentals. Hadassah bridals offer some of these gowns for sale at both their online and main store in Lagos
  • A lot of bridal shops add extras to wedding gown rental packages. For example at Hadassah bridals, a wedding gown rental package includes a wedding gown, bridal veil, wedding bouquet, and bridal petticoat if the wedding gown requires one.
  • The cost of dry cleaning and preserving a bridal dress is saved when the bridal dress is rented. Most bridal shops will prefer to dry clean their bridal dresses themselves.

Some disadvantages of renting a wedding gown include:

~ When renting a wedding gown, the options available to the bride are limited. The wedding gown the bride likes may not be available in her size and she may not be allowed to alter the wedding gown. In terms of options, the bride may not be able to get her dream wedding dress on the rack for wedding dresses available for rentals.

~ When renting a wedding gown, you are conscious of everything. Any damage to the wedding gown attracts additional charges from the wedding shop. You want to be careful so the wedding gown is returned just as it was when you collected it.

~ When renting a wedding gown, you don’t have the luxury of keeping a wedding gown more than a certain number of days.

Every step in life has its advantages and disadvantages, however, personal choices matter.

Wedding Dress Rental Near Me

If you are in Lagos or any other part of Nigeria and you’re thinking of renting a wedding gown, then talk to Hadassah Bridals. Our store is located at: No. 8 Ajayi Aina Street, opposite the main gate of the Deeper Life Bible Church, Ifako Gbagada, Lagos. Our website is and we can be reached on +2349024227256.