Tips To Make Your Wedding Memorable

So the big day is approaching, you’re nervous and excited – but what about all the planning? Weddings are undoubtedly stressful and require a lot of planning, which is why we have some tips to make your wedding day memorable.

1.         Book Early

The early bird is sure to catch the juicy worm, all while saving money. Saturdays are statistically the most expensive for wedding bookings, yet the best and most convenient time for family and friends. The earlier you book, especially if you have an extensive guest list, the more likely you are to get the venue of your dreams with a possible discount. Wedding Venue Finder allows you to search based on location, type, wedding style and guest list. By tailoring it to your needs, you can browse through examples of venues from around the UK, giving you some ideas.

2.         Choose the Beats

What’s your vibe? From wedding bands to party bands, soul, rock, pop, jazz, DJs, Latin and even vocal groups – there’s a lot of choice out there. It’s also recommended that you book a self-contained wedding band, with their own musical instruments, microphones and PA systems. Selecting a group should be about choosing music that your guests will enjoy while accommodating your own tastes. By browsing the acts within your budget, you can send a quick query and get all the facts about the location before securing the time, place and date.

3.         Be Unique

Give your guests something to remember, like hosting salsa lessons at the reception or dodgems for the kids (and adults!) – it’s something they’ll surely never forget. Additionally, you could give your guests party favours that they can use, like stylish wine glasses or tasters on the tables. If you’re interested in quirky ideas, you could consider personalised puzzle pieces, lollipops or even a hangover kit.

4.         Get Your Guests Mingling

You know who you’re inviting and why. At the end of the day, you choose the seating plans, so you can carefully put the right people together. One thing you want is the day to go smoothly, which is why you can adopt skillful techniques to get them chatting. You might want to host a wedding trivia game; after all, one thing the guests have in common is that they know the bride and/or groom. Choose a blended group of bridesmaids; you have your introverts to keep you calm and balanced on the day, while the extroverts are there to spice up the excitement for you and your guests.

These are just some tips to ensure your wedding day goes smoothly – at the end of the day; it’s about preparing to succeed not preparing to fail. Give yourself enough time to tick specific things off your list and even use your powers of delegation to give the bridesmaids something to do.