13 Wedding Checklist | Should A Bride Eat On Her Wedding Day?

You have prepared using your wedding checklist for your day. The wedding day is finally here and this is the peak of all the excitement and anxiety put together. The bride and groom with their families and friends have put in a lot of time, money, energy into planning the wedding event, crossing the wedding checklist and making it a memorable one. I personally think that a bride should eat on her wedding day. I remember my wedding and I actually had breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I just wanted to enjoy the whole day and have a good taste of the food served.

Typical Wedding CheckList

  1. Decide on the type of wedding you want to have. Have a discussion with your spouse to be and present the same to your families
  2. Book your wedding day with the church, mosque or registry
  3. Select a venue after exhaustive consideration of your guest number. However, remember to book it on time
  4. Pick your wedding theme. this should include colours for both the groom and bride family, your train, and for the couples too.
  5. Shop for your wedding dress and advise your groom to do the same early enough. Recommended lead time should be six months
  6. Decide on whether you’ll be having a bridal train or not. If you will be having one, make a list and ask the shortlisted candidates if they’ll be interested in being on your train
  7. Decide on someone to coordinate the affairs of your train, pick their dress styles and ensure it is ready in good time
  8. Make your budget and consider how to fund it
  9. Search for a master of ceremony and book one ahead
  10. The food… this is a very critical aspect. Decide on the choice of a vendor ahead of time, invite the vendor in and check to make a decision on the menu for the day. You must make adequate preparations for your expected number of guest. Yours truly, in Nigeria, just ensure you make extra preparations for the uninvited guests… Mogbo moya guys!
  11. Don’t forget the venue decorations
  12. Have a good security arrangement for the venue
  13. Monitor your wedding checklist, and tick off items as they get done

Should the Bride Eat on Her Wedding Day?

It is common practice for the bride to skip meals on her wedding day. This is as a result of several factors such as:

~ Stress: A lot of brides are stressed on their wedding day. Planning a wedding can be stressful especially if the bride is not using an event planner. Even when there is a planner, the psychological effect of the huge event coming up can make a bride stressed out. The bride should relax and be ready to enjoy every moment of her wedding day.

~ Excitement: It’s the big day that the bride has spent months planning and waiting for. The level of excitement that the bride experiences on her wedding day can make her forget to eat. She’ll definitely realize at the end of the day that she’s hungry.

~Anxiety: For most brides, the wedding day experience is the first one and they are not sure of what to expect or how the day will pan out. I usually tell my brides that they have spent a lot of time and money planning their wedding day hence they need to be as relaxed as possible.

~ Fear of stains:  The wedding gown is sparkling and any other colour on it will be obvious. A lot of brides are conscious of this and will rather stay hungry than have their wedding gowns stained. In this case, the bride can take non-oil based meals. The bride can also take her light meal before wearing her gorgeous wedding gown. During the ceremony, the bride can also snack on pastries and soft drinks especially during the break between the joining ceremony and reception party.

~ Toilet visits: A lot of brides don’t want cases where meals upset their systems and they have to constantly visit the toilet. Brides also don’t want to feel any form of discomfort which is quite understandable. The bride should ensure that she visits the restroom just before stepping out for the event. The break between the joining ceremony and the reception party is also a good time to visit the restroom.

The discomfort of hunger and thirst on a wedding day can be distracting and draining for the bride. That’s why it is necessary for the bride to add light meals, fruits, soft drinks and water into her plans for her wedding day. The chief bridesmaid should also help the bride by making these items readily available for the bride.