Wedding Dress Guide (Part 3): Wedding Gown Sleeves

We are at what I consider to be one of the most important parts of a wedding gown, the SLEEVES. Now no matter the Silhouette/style or neckline that you choose if you get the sleeves wrong then it becomes inadequate. Sleeves style serves to enhance assets, hide a problematic area or complement a dress.

Cap Sleeves

The cap sleeve is a slight addition to the sleeveless gown with shorter sleeves.


The spaghetti strap gown has delicate straps that add comfort and shows off the shoulders without changing the style of the dress too much from a strapless gown.

Long Sleeve

This option has full length sleeves that reaches the wrist. The long sleeve gown is for the brides seeking full modesty on her wedding day.

Three Quarter Sleeve

The 3-quarter sleeve dress stops midway between the elbow and the wrist, offering a classic and timeless look.

Short Sleeve 

The short sleeve gown adds enough sleeve to cover the triceps/biceps, but isn’t up to the three quarter or the long sleeve option.


The strapless gown has no straps or sleeves, and it is typically found on a sweetheart or straight across neckline.


A sleeveless gown does not have defined sleeves, rather the dress flows evenly from the shoulders to the hem supported by a wider version of the spaghetti sleeves.

Off Shoulder

Just like in the necklines, this is like having a strapless gown but with sleeves that rests not on the shoulders but on the upper arms.

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