Affordable Wedding Gown Rental Packages In Lagos

We offer a wide range of wedding gown rentals at affordable rates all at decent prices.

Wedding gown rental includes the wedding gown, petticoat, veil, bouquet and Tiara. Our Wedding gowns can be rented within Lagos and also for brides getting married outside Lagos.

The Diamond Package comes in a stunning collection of summer wow wedding gowns, elegant and luxurious bridal dresses available for rentals for that bride that wants to make a statement on her wedding day.

You can view some of our Diamond selections that are ranging from #70000 – #150,000 Naira only.

wedding gown rental
wedding gown

Our Diamond Package also comes with a Flip Flop and Earring gift for the Bride.

Bridal Flipflops

The Platinum Package has a perfect custom collections of wedding gowns that are simple, classy, trendy and also unique in style, These wedding dresses are available for rentals between 50,000 – 60,000 Naira only.

The Gold package is budget friendly and also custom made for a bride that wants to have a gorgeous look without breaking the bank, you will get a beautiful wedding gown, a veil, bouquet and tiara for #40,000 naira only 😍😍.

The petticoat which is the undergarment worn under the wedding gown to give the wedding gown a full desired fashionable look.

Short veil and a selection of tiaras for the wedding gown rental packages.

Gorgeous wedding bouquet with florals, studs ,broach in different designs .

A refundable caution fee of #10,000 Naira for wedding gown rentals in Lagos and #20,000 Naira for weddings outside Lagos. Pick up and Return is within 7 days. Full refund of caution fee is subject to return of wedding gowns, tiara, veil and bouquet in good condition.