2021 Wedding Colour Combination / Aso Ebi Colour Selection

Wedding bells keep ringing, everyone is planning for their big day but what do you need to look out for in terms of the styles and trends? Hadassah Bridals has a collection of the best looks for weddings in 2021. Aso Ebi styles fabrics and colours are picked for events such as weddings, birthdays, funerals e.t.c. Different types of fabrics ranging from Ankara, Lace, Sequins etc, Off shoulder, corset styles, mono strap add styles, ruffled skirt, blouse or sleeve with organza combination are some of the trends to look out for this season. Stay with us as we dish out these amazing styles and colours.



Long before now, combinations of two flashy colours were considered funny and loud. But, nowadays the combination of two very different colours is very trendy and classy. 


Red and black never runs out of season. These colours are amazing combos and they are here to stay.  It never gets old. So, don’t think that you will be out of fashion. These two colours are recommended especially for black skin women. If you go to a wedding or a party, choose this combination.


Ensure to combine your bright-coloured dress with a colourful shawl.  If both of your dress and shawl is light coloured, your look might come out as boring. So, try to spice things up a little bit. Also, if you are going for a dark coloured dress, ensure that your shawl is bright coloured. This is applicable to mostly women who are dark skinned.


The light pink colour is trendy as always. It looks even more shiny when a dark skinned woman wears it. Two patterns at the same time will definitely trend come 2021.


As one of the most classic wedding colours, blue is always a staple in many couples’ palettes and aesthetics. But dark hues, like navy and sapphire, will be less present as lighter blue tones rise in popularity for wedding colours in 2021. Periwinkle, powder blue, cornflower, and French blue are just a few examples. The one exception for dark blues? Accent colours. 

  1. GREEN

Expect to see green tones everywhere in 2021, from actual greenery to colour palettes that feature green as a primary or accent colour. In recent years, green has become extremely popular thanks to the tropical wedding theme trend, but as one of the top wedding colours of 2021, green will take on a much more eclectic and almost retro vibe. Mid-range greens, such as olive, pistachio, avocado, and matcha (like the tea!) will bring a cool ’70s look to your wedding aesthetic. 


Pale purple hues are making a comeback as some of the most in-demand wedding colours for 2021. Since lilac and lavender are also types of flowers, the easiest way to incorporate them into your 2021 wedding colours is through your bouquets, centre pieces or other arrangements.


You can think of this wedding colour as an updated and punchier version of coral or peach. It’s slightly more saturated than its pastel counterparts, but it isn’t as bold as a rust or tangerine orange, making it much easier to incorporate into a variety of wedding aesthetics.   

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Yellow is coming in hot as one of the new wedding colours for couples in search of a palette that doesn’t feel overdone or bland. Vibrant, sunny yellow is the particular shade we have our eye on for 2021, and it doesn’t take much of this colour to make an impact. 

Selecting a wedding colour combination is as important as selecting a wedding venue, a theme, and the decor. The role the colour theme plays in the planning of the wedding is more about bringing the looks and feel of the event to life then it is about just one or two particular colours and how they will be showcased. Couples spend hours, weeks, and months planning the perfect wedding day and by selecting a colour theme that will work with their season, location and overall theme the day is sure to be a memorable one.

P.S. We do not own the rights to the pictures. Pictures were sourced online to help our audience get a grasp of the colours and how they can be used for events.

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