How To Plan A Memorable Bridal Shower: Steps & Tips

Bridal shower is a gift-giving party held for a bride-to-be in anticipation of her wedding day. This is a surprise party organized without the bride’s knowledge. 

People that are expected to be at the party are the bride’s friends/bridesmaids, and close female relatives from both sides of the family, such as grandmothers, aunts, and cousins and of course the bride.

The main event is when you shower and spoil the bride to be with your gifts. 

Steps to plan bridal shower

  1. Make decision about the budget
Composition of calculator with paper money and notebook with pen

Brides will always be grateful no matter how much you spend for the bridal shower.

So, you don’t have to spend beyond your limit.

  1. Pick a location

After picking the date, check with the location manager if the center is cleared to be used for the said date or if you have enough space to host the party at your house or garden. That will be better

  1. Choose a theme

The theme you’re picking should be what the bride will forever appreciate and what you feel she should be amazed about. 

  1. Plan for the menu and stock the bar

The bride is your main priority here. So, I’d advice to make the foods that she prefers available and if you’re considering your budget, you can cook by yourself with the help of others. And get drinks that are suitable for the event like wine or soft drinks.

  1. Get materials for decorations
Assorted Hanging Paper Lamps

Once the theme is chosen, then you can decide on the type of decoration materials to get. click here to get bridal shower decorations

  1. Plan for games
Dices and Wooden Pieces on Game Board

It’s good to plan for games to have fun with each other because some of the invitees in the party might have never met before. This game will make them socialize with one another and make the party lively.

  1. Pick uplifting music throughout
Blue and Black Cassette Tape

It’s nice to have some music at the background as guests are arriving, chatting, and enjoying their refreshments. Create a playlist with music that are boosting energy and some romance or marriage songs for the bride to be. 

  1. Send out invitations to her close friends and relatives 
Set of handmade invitation cards and stationery placed on table near houseplants


  1. Set up a station for gifts

Create a reserved area for visitors to keep the gifts on their arrivals. As the bride is opening the gifts, make sure you keep record of the gifts and names of the presenters so as to enable the bride send an appreciation text to them. 

  1. Organize a toast to the bride 

The toast doesn’t have to be formal, it is just to thank your guests for coming and share a very short and sweet word of advice with them.

  1. Gifts to guest

It will be good to return the favor of presenting you a gift to reciprocate that gesture by giving them a gift to take home as well. There are different kinds of gift to present e.g. personalized sunglasses, head gear etc. 

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