After Marriage proposal: 10 Actionable Things To Do

Marriage proposal is a  quite short but eventful moment in the lives of couples. 

This is because the man will have to go through the whole ordeal of researching on that precious stone which he feels his bride to be might be interested in, to meeting her father and asking for her hand in marriage even to planning/ setting up the whole scene for the marriage proposal.

Now as a woman you said yes and its like a dream come true, but after the proposal whats the next thing to do?.

We would be taking you on a detailed guide on some actionable steps to put in practice after the marriage proposal.

1. Call your parents/siblings: This is the first and most important step to take because they are your relatives and your first family. The last thing you would want is for this set of persons to find out from a third party or your social media handle.

2. Start checking for a possible date: Now that you have answered the big  question and everyone is all saying can i have a look at you ring? The next question they will all be asking is ‘when is the date for the wedding?’ Now, you would not want to look like a disorganized fellow in front of your friends so its better you and your man take time out to pick a possible date for the wedding.

3. Get your ring fitted: Your ring would be the new center of attraction for the next few days where ever you go if the rings fits into your finger perfectly well then you have nothing to worry about but if it doesn’t then you would need to go back to the jewelry store and get it fitted to your finger size immediately. It would be a very bad thing to lose the engagement ring just few days after getting engaged.

4.Prepare a budget: When money matters arise in wedding planning it can be quite depressing but its an issue that cannot be sidelined. For your wedding to hold, you need to come up with a financial plan that works well for both you and your spouse.

5. Set a wedding plan: This is one major process you should not miss because the stress associated with wedding planning can be a lot to handle. In order to avoid this, you can simply get your calendar and plan out your daily routine on how to achieve some wedding related tasks you have set out.

6. Check out for a possible wedding gown/accessories: Getting styled up for the big day is one thought you should immediately deal with after the marriage proposal. This is because when the all other wedding activities start coming in, you would not really have a clear thought on what you want, to avoid this we would strongly advise you visit to checkout some wedding gowns styles you would be interested in they are trusted to help you get this part of your task complete.

7. Have an engagement party: there is no better way to celebrate with your closed friends and relative than having an engagement party. It would be better that you and your groom discuss on how both of you intend planning the party and the people who would be attending.

8. Be on the look out for possible wedding venues: your wedding venue is just as important as the wedding itself. A part of your planning would involve making research on a wedding venue. When picking a venue, you should be mindful of the following:

  • Space
  • Capacity
  • Price and availability

9. Draft out your wedding size: some couples intend keeping the wedding small and among relatives while others prefer it elaborate. Whatever you choose, make sure you and your spouse discuss. You should also discuss about this with your parents and know their view on the number of persons they will like to invite, this would go along way in properly preparing your financial plan for the wedding.

10. Fitness routine: Once you have been able to reach a possible date with your spouse it is highly advisable you go on a fitness routine as you will not want to look all fatigued and unfit on your wedding day. This fitness routine would go a long way in relieving you of the stress that comes along with wedding planning.

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