Top 7 Dress Styles for Chief Bridesmaid in Nigeria

The closer a wedding approaches some tough decisions have to be made by the bride, these decisions don’t have anything to do with wedding dresses, cooking, arrangements and all but its the decision of selecting the people that makes up the bridesmaid list.

The set of persons that make up the bridesmaid list is chosen by the bride and these set of persons are selected from her very close friends or sisters.
Now a tougher decision to make is selecting who the chief bridesmaid would be. The reason why this decision is always tough is because the chief bridesmaid reflects who is the closest person to the bride.

Upon making this decision the next question in mind is how can you make your chief bridesmaid standout? Making your chief bridesmaid standout  from the rest of the bridesmaid squad should not be too much of a hassle.

We would be presenting to you the trending dress styles for chief bridesmaid in Nigeria this year.

  1. Same style, Different colours: In this case the dress of the chief bridesmaid is designed in the same pattern with other bridesmaids but might have a deeper or lighter colour tone.

2. Same color different design: This is another dress style that will make your chief bridesmaid standout. To apply this, all you have to do is to make sure that your bridal squad  all have the same color pallet on their dress but that of the chief bridesmaid will have a completely different design pattern.

3. Unique bouquet color and size: this is one way we highly recommend for you to make your chief bridesmaid standout. You have to get her a bouquet that has bright set of colors and with a reasonable size, with this when she walks down the aisle with your bridal squad guest would be able to differentiate her from the rest.

4. Separate hairstyle: sometimes the bridal squad might like to carry the same hairstyle but if you intend making your chief bridesmaid standout her hairstyle has to be different from the rest you can check out our article on how you can style your natural bridal hair for some tips.

5. Bridal accessories: the accessories you chief bridesmaid put on is very important as you would want to make your right hand woman have that extra special feeling . you can do this by getting the chief bridesmaid a sparkly hairpin while the other bridesmaid put on a normal hairpin . you can check out our list on the top 10 bridal accessories you need on your wedding day to get an idea of what you can use.

6. Shiny metallic dress pattern: you can style your chief bridesmaid in a way that makes her standout from the others by allowing her put on a shiny fabric that has a metallic look for example if the other bridesmaid are putting on a yellow colored fabric the chief bridesmaid can put on a shiny metallic looking orange fabric with this people would be able to identify her as your right hand woman.

7. Different gown details but same style: what we mean here is quite simple your chief bridesmaid must look unique from the other bridesmaid and most times the girl squad can decide to put on the same style of gown in this situation your chief brides maid can put on the same style but the difference between her and the rest should be in the details of the style for example if the bridal squad all put on a long gown that of the chief bridesmaid can be long but maybe strapless or with one strap, or it can be a short sleeve or sleeveless gown.

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