10 ways to Reduce wedding Planning Stress

So your big day as a bride is approaching and you observe that you are becoming uneasy about it and nothing seems to satisfy you, then obviously you’re probably going through wedding planning stress.

Planning your wedding can be challenging because a lot of factors come into play; factors such as parental influence, friends’ opinions, ideas from siblings and extended family members have their own effect in  our wedding planning.

Most of the time, wedding planning mostly falls on the bride and with this huge responsibility the bride begins to ask questions such as:

  1. Is wedding planning stressful?
  2. Why am I nervous before my wedding? 
  3. How do you deal with pre-wedding stress?

So in today’s article, I would be answering these very questions. 

Let’s get started:

  1. Is planning a wedding stressful?

Yes , it can be really stressful  but this situation mostly happens when adequate preparations are not made. With appropriate planning, you can greatly reduce the stress that builds up especially as the wedding day approaches.

2. Why am I nervous before my wedding?

Its totally normal to feel nervous before your wedding. Its just like when you sat for an exam, or when you had your first job interview. It will always happen as a bride. Your wedding is among the climax achievement of womanhood so no level of preparation can be enough.

Now that we have highlighted the common questions, I would go ahead and list out the major causes of wedding stress and they include the following:

Trying to go solo: This happens when as a bride you take up the whole responsibility of planning and refuse to be  open to suggestions. This in its own away can be very dangerous as you might be doing the wrong thing but you would never know.

Constant arguments with your partner: This is a major cause of wedding stress because your mind will not be settled. This can put a strain on your relationship.

So with that being said let’s move over to the solutions and how you can effectively beat wedding stress. 

  1. First and foremost always take a deep breath, breathe in breathe out and have the mentality that every thing is going to be fine
  2. Let the wedding planning naturally fit into your life. Don’t allow planning for wedding stop you from socializing and having that ‘’me’’ time.
  3. Be open to suggestion and help form your bridesmaids, sister-in-laws and close relatives, or better still get the services of a wedding planner.
  4. Sort out the issue of your wedding dress the moment you get engaged. This is a very important part of your wedding process. Sort out your wedding dress and the size of the wedding dress must be actually dealt with and we have already given a detail guideline here on the things you should consider when looking for a wedding gown.
  5. Don’t plan your wedding to peoples expectations: During your wedding plan, all you should be looking forward to is walking down the aisle with the man of your dreams. You can never make enough preparations to please everyone that will attend your wedding because different people come with different expectations.
  6. Prepare schedule sheet: This will help you in successfully completing the task that are involved in planning your wedding. Setting out realistic goals to be achieved on a daily basis towards the countdown to your wedding will help in reducing that pressure as the big day approaches.
  7. If you feel the slightest form of depression or anxiety coming through, make sure you always talk to someone. Bottling things up and trying to act as if you can shoulder it does not help rather it adds to the already present pressure.

8.Keep a fitness routine: You don’t want to wake up on your wedding morning looking all tired. Maintaining a good fitness routine can help avoid this and it can also help channel your energy away from the whole wedding drama. It is also healthy as it helps in reducing blood pressure.

9.A night before your wedding you need to make sure that you have a good sleep and avoid thinking of anything wedding related.

10.Take good care of your skin: you want to be the center of attraction that day and one factor that can really determine that is the way you skin glows. To learn more about skin care tips for your wedding, click HERE

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