Can I Buy a Wedding Dress for My Bride to Be?

If you ever watched a couple of episodes of the reality show ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’ you will know the decision to buy a wedding dress is usually a tough one.

To answer the question, of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a groom picking his bride’s bridal dress, however, getting the right wedding dress for his bride can be a tough job.

Firstly, it’s paramount to note that a wedding dress choice is by no means (always) the same as a lady’s choice of regular dressing.

A lady can like to dress very simply, yet decides that she wants a dramatic ball wedding gown. Or perhaps, want a simple bridal dress with a very dramatic cathedral wedding veil.

Also, sometimes, a bride-to-be decides her wedding dress style in her head, but when she tries the wedding gown on in a bridal boutique; she doesn’t like it and automatically switches for another style of wedding dress during her wedding gown fittings in a wedding shop.

More so, the ritual of a bride trying on wedding dresses and seeing how she will look in her bridal dress before making a decision to purchase is a memory most want to have.

What to consider when you decide to buy a wedding dress for her

Nonetheless, if for any reason you want to buy a wedding dress for your bride, there are certain rules to note:

1. Do not leave the search for the wedding gown too late, so you don’t get pressed for time and settle for something ‘good’ enough. It has to be a ‘great’ choice.

2. You have to trust your instinct to pick the wedding gown you ‘know’ is right for her. Don’t let other people who don’t know her as intimately as you do pressure you.

3. The size is everything. Make sure you get specific/exact measurements. Please!

4. Don’t be swayed by discount or caught in comparing the price of her wedding dress to your suit. Be focused on getting what you know she will love.

5. Do your research about the cost and prices of wedding gowns and make sure your budget gives you room to explore.

6. Search online for wedding gowns, you can use a reputable bridal store around you to erase doubts of picking the right wedding gown.

7. Find out how payment works and after sales policy on cleaning or preserving the wedding dress.

And here are questions to ask, before you buy a wedding dress for your bride.
1. What style of wedding gown will fit her figure?
Make sure you get at least two (top) choices.

2. Is there a cancellation/return policy?
You want to make sure you have this option, just in case it’s a miss.

3. What sort of underwear is needed for the wedding dress and where to get them (just in case)?

4. Just in case an alteration is needed, is the cost included in the cost of the wedding gown?

Buy a wedding dress

Buy a wedding dress

5. Do I need to make an appointment at the bridal boutique in order to get attended the best possible way?
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Finally, you must note that the intention must be to get your bride a wedding dress that she will absolutely love, and not just what you would prefer on her.
Simply put, her satisfaction ratio to yours must be 98:2.
(If she loves it, you will too).