Genius: How to Know a Lady’s Wedding Dress Size

What is my wedding dress size?

The fit of a wedding dress is usually a major concern for every bride especially when you don’t have a wedding dress size chart readily available because the fit usually brings out the beauty of the wedding dress.

As a matter of fact, a wrong fit of a bridal gown can make one question the beauty of the wedding gown. (Remember Meghan Markel’s wedding dress?)

This is particularly a concern if you are buying your wedding dress online, or even in a bridal boutique because of the hassle of trying every wedding dress you like.

And to determine a lady’s wedding dress size or your wedding dress size is not in any way complicated.

You don’t need to be a professional wedding dress designer to be able to determine a wedding dress size. – There is a simple trick.

What to Measure For My Dress Size

First, you need to measure right.
(Get a tape rule).

  1. Bust: Measure across the fullest part of your bust wearing a non-padded bra. You can’t use your bra size equivalent for your bust size.
  2. Natural Waist: This is the slimmest part of your waist. Usually about 1 inch above your belly button.
  3. Hips (Low Hips): This is about 9 inches down from the natural waist. The fullest part of hips, across your bum. Make sure that you are standing with both feet together when measuring. The ‘high hip’ measurement is the very top of your hip bone.
  4. Shoulder to Hem: Measure from the highest point of your shoulder down to the front of your body to the length indicated on the measurement guide.
  5. Center Front to Hem: Measure from the center front of your neckline down to the front of your body to the length indicated on the measurement guide.
  6. Back to Hem: Measure from the highest point of the dress back in the center to the length indicated on the measurement guide.

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  1. Use a size chart to determine exactly what your dress size is, using the results from the above measurements as a guide. (You can always use charts when you need to convert your size if the stores use different size charts. E.g. the EU sizes are different from the American sizes).
  2. If your measurements indicate you are between two sizes, pick the larger size. Especially if ordering online. There are also bridal boutiques that have options of custom made wedding gowns. With this, you can order for a wedding gown with your measurements instead of the standard size.

Secondly, once you have your accurate dress size, you need to know that some wedding dresses usually run small. Hence, if you wear a size 6, you should be looking at getting a wedding dress of a size 8 at the minimum. However, buying 2 sizes up is the best. That is a 10 in this example given. Speaking with a bridal consultant can help clear out doubts related to picking the right wedding gown.

Likewise, you need to know that for most wedding dress designers, any size from a size 12, 14 or 16 upward is regarded as a plus size. And so, you might want to get as precise as possible in your measurement.

Finally, it is very important that if you find yourself between sizes ALWAYS ORDER UP. It’s always better to have to take a wedding dress in than out.

If you are still confused about your wedding gown size, you can visit our bridal boutique to speak with one of our bridal consultants who will be happy to help you with your wedding gown fittings. You can also add us on Whatsapp to chat live with one of our customer service reps. Let us @hadassahbridals take away the stress of shopping for your wedding gown.