Should the Mother of the Bride Choose The Wedding Gown For the Bride?

Should the Mother of the Bride Choose The Wedding Gown For the Bride?

It is tough to say No to our mothers, and then when it has to do with an emotional event like a wedding day, both parties might just struggle emotionally on what decision to make.

We want them to feel involved, and it is almost like the ‘last’ time they can try to impose their choice on us.

It even becomes more complicated if the mother of the bride is paying the bills, because then, she has some form of power that the bride has to respect or bow to (indirectly).

However, beyond the sentiments involved, do you really think anyone else should choose the wedding gown for the bride?

Especially because there is a high chance that the bride and her mother will have totally different opinions on what wedding dress to be picked.

As a matter of fact, only very few brides have agreed that they want the decision of what they will wear on their wedding day to be solely their mother’s. And that’s usually when it involves the tradition of wearing the mother’s wedding dress.

Perhaps the word ‘choose’ is too strong for something as emotional and ‘forever’ as deciding what she wears on a day like no other.

Even if the mother is allowed by her daughter (the bride) to choose the wedding dress, I still think as a thoughtful mother, she needs to look beyond what she likes and choose what her daughter would absolutely love.

So, it shouldn’t be a ticket to impose her idea of who a bride should look like on her daughter.

I remember a day a bride-to-be and her mother walked in to get a dress, the bride-to-be wanted a mermaid wedding dress, but the mother kept explaining why the ball wedding dress is the ‘ultimate’ wedding dress. They argued back and forth for a while, and when the mother finally agrees, the cost of the wedding dress was more than their budget; and so they ended up taking the mother’s choice.

The bride walked out of the bridal boutique feeling thankful that she found a bridal dress, but not that she loved the bridal dress.

And that is what needs to be avoided. A bride who is not in-love with her wedding dress, will most likely not have fun on her wedding day.

Let her tolerate other unforeseen circumstances that might show up, not her wedding gown.

Unless, of course, if the bride’s choice of wedding gown is totally awful, and she would be totally embarrassed by it, then the mother of the bride can have conversations around helping understand why she needs to choose a better option in the bridal boutique.

Furthermore, I think most mothers are usually very emotional when they see their daughters in a wedding dress that only a very few, like the example I gave above, remember to enforce their views.

That being said, if your mother really wants to choose your wedding dress; or absolutely hates your choice, it is advisable to not make that decision immediately until you both try to sort it out (outside the wedding store).

Still, the choice of a wedding gown is and should be the bride’s.

We always encourage our brides to discuss their wedding gown options with their mums amicably. This is because the wedding event only happens on a day but life and relationship continues afterwards.

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