Engagement Party Ideas: The Ultimate Checklist To Getting Started

If you are on this page right now then the first thing I will say is Congratulations!!! It means that either you or a loved one is engaged. Now it happens that before the wedding there are so many activities that have been put in place to either honor the bride or the groom.

But there is one activity which must come first and that is the engagement party. One good thing about having engagement parties is that it enables both the bride-to-be and the groom to gather both friends and relatives together and introduce them to one another.

Now, when planning an engagement party you have to make sure it is one that is worthy of the event that is being celebrated. With that being said, we have compiled a perfect engagement party checklist of things that would guide you through the process and also some of the best engagement party ideas that will really help in making your wedding one to remember.

Engagement party checklist

 So before we proceed to the engagement party ideas, we need to take a look at those activities that are really important for you to go through before you can even talk about having an engagement party. 

  1. Get a Host

 Having a host is as important as the engagement party itself. In a lot of cases, we have seen a volunteer come from among the friends of the groom or the bride or the couple can decide to host it themselves.

2. Set a Date 

This is totally dependent on who the host is. It is the duty of the host to pick a date that works well with the couple so no matter the date that should be decided, one key factor the host should have in mind is that the date must be one that encourages the availability of people.

3.Choose a venue

The venue for the engagement party largely depends on the theme of the engagement party and the budget set for it. The most popular choice for couples is always between Home and restaurant.

4. Prepare a guest list

When planning for the engagement party, people who would not be invited to the main wedding may not attend. This is because an engagement party is smaller than a wedding and it mostly comprises people who are really close to the couple. For an engagement party, the smaller the number of people gathered the better.

Engagement Party Ideas

  1. Beach Engagement Party

Going to the beach does not always have to involve getting dirty. To make this party worthwhile, we recommend that you set the table at the river shore and the dress code would involve ‘’NO SHOES ALLOWED’’ . With this idea, you are sure to celebrate this special moments with your family and friend while still having fun

2. Dinner For Two Engagement Party

If you are not really in the mood for a loud celebration, you can easily reserve a seat in one of the finest restaurants in town or one you know your fiance would like and just have that low-key celebration that you need.

3. Movie Night Engagement Party 

This is one engagement party idea we would personally recommend you take where you can literally theme the party with the title ‘’ when he POPPED the big question’’ the keyword “popped’’ helps to attach the movie set feeling to the engagement party. To practice this, you can convert a series of videos you have from when you met your fiancee till when you said yes to the movie.

4.All-white Engagement Party

 Just like the name indicates, the theme would be basically built on the color white. One advantage of this type of wedding party is that it helps to put the couple in the wedding spirit. One professional tip we would love to give is that the couple can also use their wedding colors for the engagement party.

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