I know it is quite tough for you to decide on your wedding short hairstyle. The African woman has such beautiful glossy hair and sometimes hiding it under a weave or wig doesn’t do it justice to the beauty of the hair.

Lots of brides wear long flowing weaves, braids, and wigs just to create the dreamy princess feel for their weddings when they have their gorgeous wedding gowns on.

The actual fact is you can wear your short hairstyle, short natural hair and still wear beautiful veils, bridal tiaras, hairpieces, and hair fascinators; you just need to know how to achieve that gorgeous bridal look that you’ve always wanted.

If you are the bride who loves to wear her hair really short, we’ve got you covered with our various bridal hair accessories that will make a statement on your wedding day.

Our Wedding Short Hairstyle Advise

Let’s start on the trendy level: Brides on low hairstyles, ensure that your hair is properly washed using the right hair shampoo, apply hair treatments that will make your hair firm and glossy.

Yes, you can steam your hair at the salon once a month or as you wish. If you want to try out new hair care products please start to use them months before your wedding so you don’t get any surprise as your wedding day approaches.



  • Close-cropped hair: this is the almost bald hairstyle that some women wear for very personal reasons. For example, a cancer patient survivor having gone through chemotherapy might lose all her hair and she is getting married. She doesn’t have to wear a wig or weave. This hair can easily be styled with a lovely fascinator with a beautiful white fishnet veil to cover the eyes, feathers, pearls and beautiful stones and accessories.
  • Curly short hair: This hair is usually soft and this can be styled with a lovely bridal hair band that has stones, pearls, and crystal.
  • A lovely Grecian or gipsy hairpiece can also be worn on short hair.
  • Neck length hair: A lovely hair length that is short and sweet. Also called pixie hair can wear a bridal tiara and a short wedding veil. A beautiful updo which can stay in place with hairpins is also an option.
  • If you have glossy short natural hair, you can achieve the veil and tiara look as well or you might want the option of a lovely ivory comb with a veil.
  • Short braided hair is another hairstyle that almost any accessories can go with. Try side fascinators with flowers, fishnet veil to cover the eyes, long veils, bridal pearl hair combs. Tiaras can be safely pinned down on your hair.

Creativity is the key to having beautiful bridal hair on your wedding day. Your natural hair in wavy layers can be pinned to the side of your head with our beautiful bridal combs from Hadassah bridal store.

Pin a lovely white fresh flower to one side of your short hair. This style is earthy, fresh and unique making a bride that will stand out among the rest.

There are many options for wedding hairstyles for the black woman. Whether you want to go all natural, cropped, pixie, curls, wavy, short finger waves, you can still achieve the princess look and of course with the right make-up.

We will be glad to help you choose the right wedding accessories for your hair from our range of bridal tiaras to bridal hair combs and hair pieces. You can click here to chat with us directly or visit our website: www.hadassahbridals.com.ng