Wedding Themes For Valentine’s Day…

When you think about February, a particular day comes to mind. February 14th!!!
We all know how special we love to make this day not just for our lovers but for people who have touched us deeply and even for people that we want to help.
Our discussion here today will give ideas on a Fabulous February Valentines FFV day wedding theme.
Now the perfect date for your wedding matters a lot but the idea of tying the knot on valentine’s day can create a meaningful day full of love, togetherness and romance.
The first step to take when planning a valentine’s day wedding is to plan well in advance so you can secure your venue on time because many events take place on that day. Let your vendors know well ahead of time that you have chosen this day as your wedding day. So, plan 8-6 months in advance.
The colours that really stand out for  Fabulous February Valentines weddings are red and pink which are very common but you may want to include other colours by incorporating them into your wedding theme for Valentine’s day.
Here are some ideas that can help….
1. It is not really necessary to wear a pink or red wedding dress, instead you can have a combination of pink, red and white  wedding bouquet with green leaves to create a beautiful effect.
2. You can have a brilliant wedding decor of white, pale pink and red roses on each table in a flowery arrangement on each table in the hall with red scented candles in your wedding venue.
3. Your wedding cake can have fresh flowers of white flowers, red roses, bright pink flowers.
4. Wedding invitations can come in scented red envelops.
5. Bridesmaids can wear pale pink off shoulder long flowing gowns.
6. Pink, white and red balloons hanging from the ceiling in the hall.
7. The lady in red dress concept can make a bold and wild statement in a mermaid style.
8. You and your spouse walking on red rose petals is another FFV statement.
The ideas on wedding themes for Valentine’s day wedding are endless so long as you are in absolute control of your wedding theme concept. Work closely with your event planner also be open to suggestions and above all, HAVE FUN!!!!
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Happy Valentine’s Day!