Alluring White Wedding Dress: Would You Wear Any Other Color?

Would you?

The default answer for most brides is that they want to wear a white wedding dress because it is supposedly a sign that they are pure.

Before we answer this question, let’s see some of the myths around the wedding dress that we need to get out of the way.

Myth 1: Wedding gowns are white because they symbolize purity

Nope! White is the color for the royal morning in French and Blue is the color for purity in England. So, wearing a white wedding dress doesn’t necessarily mean you are pure.

It is actually said to signify wealth.

Myth 2: Other colors are more expensive than the white wedding dress

This is definitely not true. You will always find a colored dress for your budget; even the rental option is equally available for other colors apart from white.

Myth 3
: You have to pick a wedding dress that shows your personality

Don’t believe this. You can pick a wedding dress just because you love the color or the way it looks on you.

Myths 4: The color of your wedding gown will determine the happiness in your marriage

Commmmonnn! Lol

These myths and stories behind the colors of the gowns definitely influence the choice of the bride, and so most already do not consider that as an option.

And yes, I will be happy to wear another color apart from a white dress.

I will actually like to either wear a plush (blush) pink bridal dress or a sky blue wedding dress. They are very beautiful colors.

Of course, I might have a problem following through with my plans because of the so many sentiments around wearing a white dress in this part of the world, but it is definitely an option I am very open to.

Most brides also want this change but will prefer to go subtle.
They either go off-white or even ivory. The choice of other colours apart from white gives them a sense of uniqueness and freedom from the norm.

We must note that an ivory colored wedding dress is not the same as an off-white wedding dress.

An 0ff-white color is a shade of white that can also be called neutral gray because it has a lower lightness; while, although the ivory color is also a shade of white, it has a slight tint of yellow. However, around here, off white falls in the same category as the ivory colour and both are used interchangeably for wedding gowns.

If you are wondering whether to wear any other color apart from a white wedding gown, here are some popular and lovely colors you can choose from.

  1. Off-white wedding dress
  2. Ivory wedding gown
  3. Champagne dress
  4. Sky blue (or another light shade of blue) gowns
  5. Blush (Pink) dress
  6. Silver wedding gown
  7. Rose bridal dress
  8. Light/soft Lavender wedding gowns
  9. Custard yellow
  10. Emerald green bridal gown

In working with brides, we have observed that more brides prefer off white wedding gowns. A lot of brides tell us that the off white colour gives their wedding gowns a subtle look.

At Hadassah Bridals, we are happy to go an extra mile with you, to get that perfect color of wedding gown if you will love to wear any other color apart from a white wedding dress.

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